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Bourbon Candle Company's Wine Bottle Candles at Etown Wine Fest

As the sun dips below the Kentucky hills, a warm glow settles over Freeman Lake Park, creating a beautiful atmosphere and ideal location for the Etown Wine Fest on May 11, 2024. Join in for an entertaining evening of live music, wine tastings, food trucks, bourbon and beer tastings, and popular craft vendors to shop from. We at Bourbon Candle Company, are excited to bring sustainable elegance to the festivities this year by introducing our expanding line of wine bottle candles and new fragrance blends like Wine Night & Wine Festival™.

A Confluence of Crafts, Spirits, and Vintages

Kentucky, a land renowned for its spirits, has witnessed our unique craftsmanship of upcycled bourbon & whiskey bottle candles that are featured in multiple distillery gift shops. This year, you will see another unique fusion at the Etown Wine Fest. Amid the tastings of robust reds and crips whites, our Bourbon Candle Company team presents an artisanal lineup of wine bottle candles, marrying the craft of candle-making with the passion for viticulture. To learn more about the Etown Wine Fest or to get your tickets visit: 

From Bottle to Beacon: The Sustainable Glow

Each candle, handcrafted from repurposed wine, bourbon, and whiskey bottles, stands as a testament to environmental consciousness. We want to help preserve the land that grows all the fresh ingredients used to make our favorite spirits and fine wines. The journey from a container for spirits & vintages is transformed into a vessel of light and aroma that keeps the story of its past intact, while creating new stories for others to enjoy in its new form.

Lighting the Path: A Journey of Community and Craft

Our company's participation in the Etown Wine Fest is more than just a display; it's a journey of community engagement and problem-solving awareness. Here, the shared love for wine, spirits, and Kentucky culture ignites conversations, with wine bottle candles serving as scented icebreakers. With glass recycling diminishing across the U.S. and Hardin County not having a recycling center or drop-off that accepts glass, we at Bourbon Candle Company want locals, Kentuckians, and tourists to know that we will recycle all glass wine and liquor bottles. Attendees of the Etown Wine Fest can bring Bourbon Candle Company all used wine and liquor bottles to be recycled or transformed into their own candle.

A Toast to the Future: Wine Bottle Candles and Beyond

As the festival date nears, we at Bourbon Candle Company would like to invite you to our website: Here you can browse through some of our fragrances, bourbon candles, liquor bottle candles, wine bottle candles, wax melts, and tin can candles. You can also purchase online and schedule the pickup to be at the Etown Wine Fest by letting us know in the checkout comments. With over 100,000 bottles already saved from the landfill, we at Bourbon Candle Company want to continue lighting the way by reducing glass waste. We hope to see you May 11, 2024 at the Etown Wine Fest in Elizabethtown, Kentucky... Cheers!

Upcycled Wine Bottle Candles handmade by Bourbon Candle Company using authentic wine bottles
Upcycled Wine Bottle Candles made by Bourbon Candle Company using authentic wine bottles

Disclaimer: Bourbon Candle Company® nor any of its products are affiliated, associated, or endorsed by any spirit producing distillery, winery, or brewery. Our products are not for human consumption.

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